Owl's Nest

What Is Owl's Nest?

That's a good question. One that has been debated for centuries (well...okay, maybe just a few decades or so). But a subject of delicious debate nonetheless. It's so rich and creamy, is it a spread? It's also soft and indulgent and pretzels and crackers never snap, crumble, flake or even shed one single salt grain. So, maybe it is, in fact, a dip? The only certainty (besides taxes) is that Owl's Nest® is the most scrumptiously delicious cheese snack this side of...well...anywhere.

Cracker & PretzelOwls Nest® comes in a wide-mouthed container, so you'll never have any problem sharing. (Well...at least not because of the tub.) Owl's Nest® is made with real cheese and comes in seven superb flavors. Pick your favorite, or just love them all. There are better things to decide. Dip? Spread? Try them all and continue the debate at home!