Owl's Nest

Meet Cracker & Pretzel

CrackerMeet Cracker

Cracker is oven-baked, loves creamy, easy to spread cheese and long walks on the beach. Cracker hates being broken or mangled in stiff spreads, can't resist a good Audrey Hepburn film, is easy to please and appreciates a good knock-knock joke now and then. He loves to watch the Golden Girls and laughs when people trip in public. Cracker has a sensitive side and doesn't mind shedding salt once in a while.

How about a little background (you know, for the ladies in the house).

Cracker worked as a model for over 10 years. (Shamless plug: Cracker Model of the Year in 2001.) He was so successful at cracker modeling that he was able to retire early and now he spends his days volunteering his time with Owl's Nest® just because he is such a huge fan. (And he gets free product.)

PretzelMeet Pretzel

Pretzel has a great sense of humor but is a bit of a stiff once in a while. He enjoys swimming laps, especially in Owl's Nest® Horseradish, helping him maintain the slender figure he is notorious for. He hates imposter cheeses, only the real stuff for him. Pretzel is a real straight shooter when it comes to loyalty, you'd never find him in another brand's cheese. He likes blue grass music and enjoys moonlit dips in all the Owl's Nest® flavors.

How about Pretzel's background?

Pretzel spent his youth as a professional cheese diver and was only 1/2 a point away from the gold at the Snack Time Olympics in '99. Before joining Owl's Nest®, he enjoyed a short stint in Hollywood but could only get commercial work. Failing to break into major motion pictures he decided to pursue an even bigger dream and become the beloved Owl's Nest® spokespretzel.